10 Christmas gifts for your husband, your father, or other people

Now that silly little Hanukkah is coming to a close, it’s time for my family’s favorite time of the year….CHRISTMAS! It’s something about the singing, songs, cookies and snow in the air that makes me go falalalala Bah Humbug! My Christian hunk of a god-fearing husband always says I am the best gift giver (although it is usually snuggles for my big man) so I decided to share my gift to the world! Here is my collection of gifts to cheer up this absolute bleepin garbage bleep of a year

First we have this beauty! If you know me, my first language is glitter (and my second is shimmer 😉 )! This one is for the diva in your life or maybe that one friend that STILL can’t drive. 

Wow, just wow. The swirls, immaculate. The colors, gracious. And those swirls, unbeatable. This gift is perfect for the love of your life. I got one that looked just like this for my husband a few years ago and when I say the cows did not come home, THEY DID NOT! Oh girl. 

This one is a little freaky! I showed this to my sister-in-law and she said it looks like period blood flowing through clumpy discharge, what a bad girl!! LOL! To me it looks like red wine floating about frothy buttermilk. While they may only sound delicious to me, this would be a perfect present for your co-worker that you don’t know very well.

Two for the price of one?!? Mhm, you heard it here first folks! What a steal! I like to joke with my husband that I would trade a few of the stepkids (and the ex-wife) for some of these! I’m kidding! All my children, step and biologically blessed birthed are special souls to me! These green and orange beauties are for your tech-savvy teen or newly legally blind friend! 

These are just so unique. It’s almost like you can hear the little critters say “Help, I’m stuck!” LOLs! I’ve been an animal lover all  my life and this year cast a tiny rain cloud over my head when my dear lucy went to doggy heaven. What a good girl. Too bad! 

Now this is a real beauty. Yeah you may drain your wallet on it so don’t just willy nilly give it away, this one’s for you. This is a gift for you for surviving this nightmare of a year. You couldn’t go to your favorite bars, see your friends for the holidays and were forced to wear a muzzle. You deserve a present. 

Tickets to my daughters’ zoom dance recital. She has been working so hard through the pain of a ruptured appendix to perfect her modern tap solo. Tickets are $20 dollars, which sounds like a lot but it’s 3 hours of child dance excellence and all the money goes to help save the Pasadena Spinning Stars Dance Studio. It was her idea to do the recital instead of surgery and weeks of bedrest. That’s my brave girl!