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Since 1999, The Grape has put a face to the news as Oberlin’s student culture magazine.

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The Grape accepts submissions from Oberlin students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members. Email us at thegrape@oberlin.edu to get in touch!

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Jane Wickline


Cameron Avery

Managing Editor

Nell Beck

Arts & Culture Editor

Matteo Debole

Features Editor

Levi Dayan

Bad Habits Editor

Zoe Jasper

Opinions Editor

Liza Mackeen-Shapiro

Visual Arts Editor

Kate Ali

Web Editor

Maddie Shaw

Staff Writer

Sam Blieden

Staff Writer

Joshua Bowen

Staff Writer

Wyatt Camery

Staff Writer

Izzy Halloran

Staff Artist

Courtney Brown

Staff Artist

Priya Banerjee


The Grape is hiring for the summer semester! Link to a list with positions and applications here.