Fionna Farrell

5 Reasons Why Fracking is for #GirlBosses

Besides waking up early and late capitalism, what is it that makes every girlboss go a little weak in the knees? You guessed it—the high-pressure injection of water, sand, and various chemicals underground.

The Social (Distanced) Dilemma

During quarantine, we defied The Social Dilemma’s expectations with our newfound cosmic boredom. You thought we were addicted to our phones then? Oh, just you wait and see…

Horror-Comedies: the Decade Tour

Here are some horror-comedies, staggering in their brilliance or terribleness alike, for your essential viewing. Because we’ll all be in need of a laugh as well as a scare this Halloween.

The Fraught History of the American E-Boy

Armed with an infinite supply of striped long-sleeves, clanky wallet chains, and palpably burdensome chips on their shoulders, e-boys everywhere descended from their heavens and rose from their hells.

Playing It Safe On Two Fronts

The implacable pop-punk sellout act known as Green Day released their thirteenth studio album last week. It is eloquently titled “Father of All Motherfuckers”. You might have missed it — I know I surely almost did. Both content and aesthetic-wise, the album is about what you’d expect from a man who would name his child …

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