Saffron Forsberg

Comic: Solomon

It’s December of 2020. With sappiness and gloom, we review our Spotify yearly autopsies from the floors of our old bedrooms; ones that seem to be trapped in the resin of 2016. Every December is this way to an extent. But 2020, with its bleakness, its strangeness, its what-the-hell-is-normality-ness, seems especially this way. There’s a …

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The Arb at Tappan: New Lunchtime Friendliness Downtown

Though The Arb offers a clean, fresh college-town atmosphere, vegan options, and smoothies, it does not shrug away the charm of a small-town family business. The open door and giggling children ducking in and out of it are evidence of this.

@oberlin_in_the_00s and The Art of Normalcy

Oberlin students are Oberlin students to such a degree that it makes one wonder if it is Oberlin that attracts the Obies or the Obies that make Oberlin so stubbornly Oberlin. It would be a fun chicken-or-egg situation if the solution weren’t an obvious one: both are true.

COVID-19 and The Complicated Thing That is One’s Hometown

A hometown is not merely a place one comes from, but an emotional animal one has a multifaceted relationship with. That relationship forms the basis for whether one orbits it with a forgiving sentimentality or dreams of a day when one can clamor from even the suggestion of its existence.

Maintaining College Town Culture Amid Bead Paradise Closing

This year will be Ruth Aschaffenburg’s 32nd and final year owning and operating Bead Paradise in downtown Oberlin. For her daughter and fellow Oberlin College alum Silvija, it will have been 17 years. “I grew up in the small college town of Oberlin, Ohio and was exposed to music, art, and performance my entire life,” …

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