Zoe Jasper

Grape Blind Date: Elaine and Ila

In our fourth blind date of the semester, two brave singles had to overcome perilous obstacles such as a missing phone and a forest fire (this may or may not be clickbait). Read on to find out if they made it out alive!

Grape Blind Date: Levi and Ri

Spring is finally here, and everyone wants to kiss (gross)! What with the beautiful weather, vaccines so close you can taste them, and seniors facing the impending doom of graduation, Oberlin is once again a cesspool of disgusting horniness. But until mass immunity becomes the norm, some brave souls are channeling their horniness into talking with a complete stranger on Zoom! How did it go for our third couple, Levi and Ri? Read on, and please, keep it in your pants!

Grape Blind Date: Hannah and Anya**

Setting up hopeful strangers on blind dates over the last couple of weeks has reminded me that dating can be a surprisingly fun opportunity to connect with someone new and is not just about giving someone head till they nut.