Grape Blind Date: Elaine and Ila

In our fourth blind date of the semester, two brave singles had to overcome perilous obstacles such as a missing phone and a forest fire (this may or may not be clickbait). Read on to find out if they made it out alive!


So how’d it go?

It went well. I had a good time. We just walked around the arb for like an hour. At some point I got tired because I’m out of shape and I suggested that we sit down, and we talked a bit more. We also extinguished a fire, or like some smoldering embers.

Wait what? Where?

Like in the middle of the arb. It was not a fire pit. There were no stones or anything. People had a little bonfire and just left their smoking logs there.

That’s nuts!

 I was like, this is how forest fires start…

Well that’s quite a first date experience, putting out a fire together. What was Ila like?

Ila was really nice, I think we got along pretty well. She’s very creative.

What did you guys talk about?

We talked a lot about Oberlin and classes. A little bit about art stuff. We found out both of our moms are former art teachers and that was pretty cool!

That’s so funny! Did you know each other at all before?

Not at all, no. We also talked a little bit about that. We talked about why we decided to sign up for this thing, this thing being the Grape blind date. At some point I was trying to figure out if we had any points of connection, and then she mentioned taking two classes that my housemates are in, so she knew one of them.

I guess with a small school that’s inevitable.

Yeah it was bound to happen.

What kind of similarities or differences did you notice between you and Ila, besides your art teacher moms?

Ila’s someone I would have never met if not for the blind date thing, which I appreciate. We’ve had very different Oberlin experiences, even coming down to where we’ve lived on campus the past three years.

What was it like going on a blind date, and had you ever done it before?

Oh my god, I was rushing from one thing to another that day and while I was getting dressed I was like “When was the last time I dressed up for a date?” It was kind of nice cause I didn’t know the person, so there were no expectations or catering to what they like. It was really more about how I want to present myself and what kind of vibes I want to exude. So I really liked that experience. I was kind of nervous going in, but the moment I got there I wasn’t nervous at all. 

Any advice for other people going on these blind dates?

Don’t lose your phone like two days before! It’s good to have some way of communicating. (Laughing) In terms of actual advice, I would just say try to be open to meeting different kinds of people and try not to think too hard about who you might be set up with.  Accept that awkward moments are bound to happen. There’s definitely gonna be a few points where you’re not sure what to say and how to move forward and that’s okay. Whatever you’re feeling the other person is probably feeling too and you’re not judging each other on it. 


So how’d the date go?

It was good. We walked around the arb, chatted a lot about school stuff and what we’re studying. She was easy to talk to. It was a pretty chill date. 

What was Elaine like?

Elaine was really nice, it’s funny cause I feel like I know most people at Oberlin, so we were surprised we didn’t know each other. It was our first time meeting, she’s a very nice and easy to talk to person. She asked a lot of questions which was nice, and I feel like we had a good conversation.

What did you talk about?

What we’re studying, school, where we’re from, what we do. I learned that Elaine makes little rugs, which was cool. We talked about why we decided to do the Grape blind date which was funny and talked about our interests, how we spend our days.

What kind of similarities and differences did you notice between you and Elaine?

I think we’re in kind of different circles but not that different. We were both in coops at some point, different ones though. We sort of have a similar approach to how we feel about school. I don’t know, It seemed like neither of us were super crazy over workers. Or maybe that’s just what I am. We both had some creative interests, and our moms are both art teachers. 

What was it like going on a blind date and had you ever done that before this?

I was definitely nervous leading up to the date, even though it’s Oberlin. It’s funny to not even know someone’s name when you’re gonna meet them. But it was kind of exciting too and felt like something I hadn’t done that adds a level of surprise. I feel like it was a good first blind date, we got along well. It was a little awkward at first because it’s like, “Oh are you the person I’m meeting? Nice to meet you!” but the awkwardness didn’t last very long.

Any advice for other people going on blind dates?

Be yourself, have fun! But not too much fun! (laughing) Enjoy the new different way of meeting someone that we don’t usually get.