Grape Blind Date: Hannah and Anya**

The last Tinder bio I read tonight was: “Swipe left if you can’t make me nut off head. I’m a cancer so if your a Scorpio chances are your my soul mate”, which is to say that dating is not easy right now! It was also alarming because I am actually a Scorpio and really hope I have a better soulmate out there. However, setting up hopeful strangers on blind dates over the last couple of weeks has reminded me that dating can be a surprisingly fun opportunity to connect with someone new and is not just about giving someone head till they nut. Hannah and Anya, the first brave couple we set up, were kind enough to tell me all about their blind date experience. After two delightful interviews, I cannot wait to see what love, friendship, drama, and heartbreak may await Grape Blind Daters this semester.

The following interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

**Names have been changed 

Anya’s Side:

So how did the date go?

It went really well. We grabbed coffee and we went on a really long walk and it was really nice. I think it was a good match.

Yay that’s awesome. What was Hannah like?

Hannah was really great. It was nice having seen Hannah before and knowing of her, so it was a blind date but not a complete blind date. And we had a lot of things to talk about and catch up on which was nice. And obviously she was really sweet, like really awesome.

Did you have any predictions going in about what kind of person you’d be paired with?

Not really. I kind of didn’t know, especially since I put down queer [on the google form] so it could have really been anyone. I didn’t really know what to expect which I think led to a funny first interaction. And so I didn’t go in with any expectations. I just hoped they were older than a third year and went with it.

I feel like it would be creepy for us to put underclassmen with fourth years.

No, I agree! I was like please god…

Any advice for other people going on these blind dates?

Being open minded and being willing to meet new people and have conversations and also allowing things to be awkward when they’re awkward and not forcing things to flow perfectly. Cause that’s what I feel like blind dating, or dating in general is. But yeah my advice is being open and being comfortable with uncomfortableness and awkwardness. 

Totally, I think that’s really good advice for all dating like you said. Did you notice any similarities and differences between you and Hannah?

Obviously the main similarity is that we were both athletes in some sense. Hannah´s on the frisbee team, and I’m on the women’s lacrosse team. And so I think that was a big similarity. We talked a lot about our individual sports and all that good stuff and we’re both in STEM, so it was nice to talk about classes and majors. I definitely think there were more similarities than differences. The differences are probably just like the crowds we run in.

My last question is: do you think there will be a second date?

Yes, I think so. I mean I don’t know what capacity or in what form but I’d love to see her again. 

Hannah’s Side:

So how did the date go?

Good, it was reality fun. I knew her, sort of, or knew of her. We go to a small school so I 

knew that was gonna happen. But yeah it was fun! We got Slow Train then went on a walk on the bike trail which was good. It was honestly easy to talk to her and it was just fun to talk to a new person, especially now. It’s fun to get to know someone new and learn about someone that’s not my three housemates. 

Oh my god yeah.

So that was good. We walked around and came back and then just stood outside my house for a little bit talking. But yeah, overall it went really well.

Did you enjoy not knowing who it was going in or was that weird?

It was interesting, it was definitely kind of nerve wracking because not knowing is just a weird thing. I kept trying to speculate who it would be.

Did you have any guesses?

I thought it was gonna be a varsity athlete.

That’s so funny!

My fear was that it was gonna be someone I play frisbee with, someone on my team. I thought it was gonna be an athlete for sure, and I was thinking it was all these people. I didn’t specifically think it was her, but it made sense. I mean, my housemates kind of convinced me to do it/they filled out the form for me, and it’s so funny because honestly the same sort of thing happened to her. We were talking about how our housemates pushed us to do this. And also before the date today I was saying things like “I might text you if it’s bad, you have to think of an excuse for me to leave” and she said the same thing to her housemates. Kind of a similar situation. 

Maybe you were well matched in that way, that neither of you wanted to do it originally.

Well it wasn’t like I was opposed. I’m so bored you know? So it was like okay, why not? At least it’ll be a story. But my housemates definitely pushed me to do it. And they were like “you’re doing this”

Now that you’ve done this, do you have any advice for other people going on Grape blind dates?

I would say it’s probably gonna be better than you think it will be. It’s definitely worth it even if it’s only to get a friend, just because it’s hard to connect with people right now, in these times. It’s an experience to have in a year when it’s hard to come by experiences. So I don’t know, I would say to do it, because why not? There’s pretty much nothing to lose. Like right now my attitude is: what else am I doing? Fuck it! I especially feel that because I’m in my final year though. As seniors we are feeling this loss of connection cause this was supposed to be our year to go to the Feve and talk to lots of people, and it’s been so isolating to just be in a house with my really close friends but also not be having those other connections. So I definitely think this is a fun thing to be doing right now and recommend it to other people!

Awesome, that’s very good advice. So do you think there will be a date number two?

I don’t know. We talked about our houses hanging out, which could be fun and talked about going on more walks. I don’t really understand dates, because for me past relationships I’ve been in have never been like, oh I’m going on a date and now I’m going on another date with someone I don’t know. It’s been more like, I know you and we’re friends and then something can happen. So I think dating is really interesting as a concept because it’s so hard to know what’s a vibe from talking to someone one time. We didn’t explicitly say let’s go on another date, but we definitely want to hang out again. I’m just interested in talking to her more. 

That makes a lot of sense! Dating is super weird as a concept.

Especially now. It would be so much easier if there were more things to do. It feels like our one option is to go on a walk, which is really fun and gets me out of the house but..

Gets a little old. I guess you could go on a really weird ice skating date at Winter Oberland.

I will not be doing that.