Grape Blind Date: Levi and Ri

Spring is finally here, and everyone wants to kiss (gross)! What with the beautiful weather, vaccines so close you can taste them, and seniors facing the impending doom of graduation, Oberlin is once again a cesspool of disgusting horniness. But until mass immunity becomes the norm, some brave souls are channeling their horniness into talking with a complete stranger on Zoom! How did it go for our third couple, Levi and Ri? Read on, and please, keep it in your pants! 

These interviews have been edited for length and clarity.


So how’d it go? 

It went all right, I enjoyed meeting Ri! 

What was Ri like?

He seemed very nice. We were randomly talking a lot about high school experiences for some reason, but he was just pretty open about talking in general and seemed very friendly.

Did you notice any similarities and differences between you and him?

We both seemed to be interested in art to some extent, and I feel like we had a vaguely similar sense of humor, like we were laughing at each other’s jokes. In terms of differences, he seemed very into theatre and improv comedy, I guess performing, so we have somewhat different interests in a way.

What was it like doing it over Zoom?

Kind of strange honestly, I mean I’ve never been into Zoom or Facetime, I’m just better with in person interaction. Before the pandemic, whenever I was at home I wouldn’t keep in touch with college friends and when I was at college I wouldn’t keep in touch with home friends. Something about it just felt weird to me. I’ve done it more in the pandemic cause I have to see people somehow. I guess I just can’t really picture a date in that kind of context. Whenever I’m on Facetime, I’m kind of in the mode of just catching up with my parents or talking to my therapist or doing an internship interview, or something, so it’s kind of impossible for it to feel like a date in that regard. That’s not to say it wasn’t nice, but I don’t think the Zoom date is something I’m good at. But I suppose it was worth a shot.

Will there be a date number two?

Honestly probably not. I enjoyed talking to him but I don’t know if I’ve ever been on more than one date with anybody. That would be something different that I’m not sure I’m ready for at the moment. But it was nice meeting him and I definitely wouldn’t mind being friends in the future.

Do you have any other advice for other people going on blind dates?

I would say don’t take it too seriously. Just go with the flow and talk to the person and see what happens. 


So how’d it go?

It was really nice! Maybe just because I haven’t seen a lot of people while being home, but it was just nice to talk to someone that I didn’t know yet and introduce myself all over again, not in a class setting or a weird breakout room. I really enjoyed it, it was fun!

What was Levi like?

They were really nice, I thought it was gonna be super awkward so I was just nervous. I was like, what if we have nothing to talk about? And I feel like I’m really awkward and uncomfortable in situations where I’m meeting someone brand new, but they were great cause they filled in all the awkward silences and had a bunch of great questions, they just really are good at keeping up the conversation.

What did you talk about?

It kind of was all over the place, but a lot of it tied back to similarities and differences between our personalities and the way we looked at things.  One of those things was we both worked in music related areas: they work for one of the workshop groups for WOBC and they had an internship last fall and I’m working at a music org right now for an internship, so it was kind of interesting to talk about that, because we have really different experiences, like they are very involved in music, and I don’t know anything about music at all, I just kind of ended up here. We also both went to private schools and talked about our experiences there in high school. We were both queer kids in these really weird spaces. So they talked about how in their school it was a lot of athletes and theatre kids, and they were like “theatre kids are so weird”, and I was like “Oh, this is awkward, I’m a theatre kid”, and they were like “Oh, I was too.” 

Did you know each other at all?

No, it was funny though, cause you had texted my friend Caitlyn to find out if we knew each other and Caitlyn was like “I don’t think you guys know each other, but I think you have mutual friends, and your improv group follows them on Instagram”. And then I asked them about it and they were like “Oh, that’s funny, I do comedy also.” They do stand up and things. It was weird because we have some interesting connections in terms of the people in my improv group. I’m in Primitive Streak and one of the amazing girls in our group was Levi’s next door neighbor all of their first year. They had never thought about improv before and I had never thought about standup or Good Talk before, so it was just interesting to hear their perspective on what that world of comedy is like, cause I had never looked past improv or posting dumb things on Instagram.

What was it like going on a date over Zoom?

It was very weird. I hadn’t done a Zoom date yet. Every time I’ve scheduled one with guys on Tinder I’ve always ghosted at the last second. I’m like, I can’t do this, this is too weird. I’m in my childhood bedroom, I don’t want to meet a random person. But I thought this was a lot of fun actually, so maybe I won’t ghost guys anymore! Leading up it felt really stressful. I was reading old posts that the Grape did about this and one of my mutual friends had done one of these, Ella. And Ella turned her self-view off, so I was like, I have to figure out how to do this. And then I ended up not doing it, I was just focusing on the conversation anyways, I just had to totally ignore what I looked like. It was fun. I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

Will there be a date number two?

I don’t know, I totally would be down for it, I will not say yes or no until I hear what they have to say. (laughs)

Any advice for other people going on blind dates?

I think just be really open minded, don’t plan out a conversation in your head, which I always do. We ended up not talking about any of the things I had in my mind already. I really psyched myself out before looking at who follows the Grape on Instagram and trying to guess who it could be, and that was such a waste of time. Like why did I do this? This sounds dumb, but don’t have any thoughts, just go in with an empty head!

That’s easy for me!