How to cope with no one seeing your cute outfit because you haven’t left the house in several days

Listen. We’re all a little glum these days. And sometimes you just need to beg for validation in the form of compliments on your cute outfit. However, it’s difficult to show off your new look and get this praise in Covid times, so here are some suggestions on how to flex your wardrobe from the comfort of your room:

1. Post a cute lil #ootd on instagram!

Or twitter! Or snapchat! Facebook if you’re desperate. I don’t know how the Twine app works but maybe try that. If you’re really struggling with lack of attention you could drop out and start a fashion blog, but I’d recommend talking to your academic advisor before you really commit.

2. Call your mom and describe your fire fit in detail.

Sometimes you just need your mom to tell you that you are cool in order to get through the day. We’ve all been there. 

3. Walk extremely slow on your way to Stevie.

Take your sweet time. Let every car go before you. Make direct, prolonged eye contact with every person you encounter until they give you a compliment or run away. You do have to leave your room for this one, but it might be worth it if you’re feeling extra depressed. 

4. Take an absurd amount of bathroom trips.

This one is a little time-consuming, and as a side effect, everyone may think you are constantly shitting. Sorry. But you can still stay in your building! Just make sure you switch up which bathrooms you go to in order to get a new audience every time.

5. Sit several feet away from your laptop on Zoom calls.

Uh, talk about a gallery view!

6. Alternatively, stand during Zoom calls.

For those of you without wireless headphones. Might get a little uncomfy, and no, your face probably won’t be in the shot, but this is a sure way to get noticed. 

7. Stand in front of your open window for a few hours and hope someone passes by, looks up, and gives a nod of approval.

I mean that’s kind of the whole thing.

8. Purposely bump into people while holding coffee and spill it on yourself.

And then when they apologize and help you clean up the mess, they will definitely stop and stare at your outfit. This might have the possible potential to maybe lead you to finding the love of your life if you play your cards right. If you decide to do this I recommend using iced coffee to avoid burns.