SleepWalker Radio’s Top Projects of 2019

SleepWalker Radio (made up of Amari Newman, Brennan Ryan, and Max McGee), broadcasts on Thursday nights at midnight on WOBC. The following are their favorite records of 2019. 

LuckiFreewave 3: This project elevates your mind to the highest plane and numbs all of your unwanted emotions, with each track operating as a different form of spiritual Novocaine. 

MIKETears of Joy: Listening to this album all the way through feels like giving your soul a deep tissue massage. The kaleidoscopic production accompanied by extremely genuine and direct bars makes it impossible not to be moved by this album. 

Toro y MoiOuter Peace: Play this album anywhere at any time from start to back and anyone touched by its futuristic sound waves will experience true euphoria.

Baby Smoove Flawless: Smoove delivers an account of his daily routines over beats provided by Detroit’s most quintessential producers, giving you a peek into his city that levels up your inner finesser with every listen. 

Earl SweatshirtFeet Of Clay: 15 minutes of strictly the best bars of 2k19 over mind-bending sounds. It’s physically impossible to listen to this project and not immediately run it back. 

Zelooperz and Black NoiseDy-No-Mite: Every track on here is very different from the next and it serves as a clear reminder that these Detroit legends can make any type of song and have that shit hit in every type of way. Album anywhere at anytime from start to back and anyone touched by its futuristic sound waves will experience true euphoria. 

Diamondsonmydick and Hi-C – Reptilian Club Boys Bizarre Adventure: This sounds like you got sucked into a GTA and Smash video game collab and you’re going against 3 Captain Falcons with AKs while on Molly. It’s an insane experience. 

FutureThe WZRD: Only Future can drop a 20 song album where every song thoroughly cranks. 

LuckiDays B4 III: Top tier soundscapes from the best producers out there, paired with mesmerizing bars, and auto-tuned Lucki. If you listen to any part of this project and close your eyes you will automatically smile from pure joy. 

Steve Lacy Apollo XXI: This album feels like floating through a bright orange maze with a lot of twists and turns, but you subconsciously know exactly where to turn and it leads to your own bed that has sheets and covers that are fresh out the dryer. 

Honorable Mentions:

HOOK and nedarbBully

XanmanXan Servin 2

Pi’erre BourneThe Life Of Pi’erre 4

Larry June and CardoGotWingsMr. Midnight 

Young ThugSo Much Fun

Young Nudy and Pi’erre BourneSli’merre 

Blink 182NINE