Wobie Fest Artist Profiles

WOBC, in association with the Student Union Programming Committee (SUPC), Oberlin Hip-Hop Collective (OHOP), and F+ABB, is hosting a new three-day music festival at the ‘Sco on February 21, 22, and 29. The festival features six diverse and innovative artists. Get a little more familiar with them below!

February 21st


HOOK, born and raised in California, has a sound that is “uniquely West Coast,” writes The Fader. Rap was always a big part of her life; her biological father was a rapper, and her step father was her manager when she was starting out, and he made her study the lyrics of some of his favorite rappers like Slick Rick, Nipsey Hussle, and Lil Wayne. The producer Nedarb said of HOOK: “She’s the most unique rapper I’ve heard in a long time. Her energy is unmatched on tracks, her flows are her own, her ad-libs especially are her own, and her live performances go crazy.” BKTHERULA is a rapper from Atlanta whose 2019 single “Tweakin’ Together” Pitchfork describes as “irresistible.” Her debut album, Love Santana, was released in January, which is full of contrasting sounds – there are songs for when you’re feeling low and songs to hype you up. HOOK and BKTHERULA debuted as a lively and innovative duo on their song “Yaas” under the name HULA, the video for which hit the net earlier this year. The pair will bring the same outgoing energy to the Sco stage February 21st. 

February 22nd

White Fence

White Fence has been the project of Tim Presley since 2010. Presley, an American singer-songwriter, began his career playing in the hardcore punk bands Model American and The Nerve Agents (1998). Under the name White Fence, Presley has released six studio albums, two live albums, and collaborative albums with Ty Segall and Cate Le Bon. 


L’Rain is the project of Brooklyn experimentalist Taja Cheek. L’Rain’s talent stretches far – in Brooklyn, she’s been a DIY artist and noise musician involved in many different scenes, and she has a background in classical cello and piano. Pitchfork describes her music as “swelling mounds of vaguely spiritual free jazz and ambient sound.” L’Rain has opened for artists such as Deerhunter, Amen Dunes, and U.S. Girls. 

February 28th


The Memphis punk band Nots are described as “dark, unpredictable, liberating.” The all-female trio’s most recent album, “3,” was mostly recorded live, suggesting that they are not one to miss at a live show. As Tom Tom Mag writes, “The chaotic improvisational energy is in harmony with the band’s incredible musicianship and interpersonal chemistry… This album is crazy good.” 


DANA, an Ohio band, is best known for its live performances. As lead singer Madeline Jackson told Columbus Alive (which listed DANA as a “Band to Watch” in 2017), “I’ve always been fully into it when it came to any kind of performance… It’s not necessarily performative. It’s soulful and authentic.” Noisy, fast, and loud, DANA is influenced by other midwestern rockers like The Stooges and DEVO. On their Facebook page, they describe their music as falling under the genre of “Post-nasal drip, psych punk” that sounds like “When your girlfriend says ‘I just find it really funny how-’,” “An Amber Alert,” “Upset words,” and “Outside voices.” If that doesn’t intrigue you, I’m not sure what will.